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In the middle of a major house remodel and my house looks GREAT with the exception of the cabinets that came from Mid continent and Sutherlands. The cabinets are thin plywood bases, have warped veneer finsih, they are covered with some kind of oily finish and have no consistency in how the stain was applied.

Some are light, some are medium and some are dark espresso finish on a solid maple door. They are CRAB. Full stop they are sub par quality. 100% of my family and friends are in agreement with the fact that they are BAD.

Just want them out of my home.

I'm on hold now for six weeks on my project while I figure out how to work through this cluster and place high quality cabinets in my new home.

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At first glance these are decent looking cabinets. However plan on replacing 1/2 the cabinet doors because they will come warped.

Additional reinforcement had to be added to the upper corner cabinet face because there was no positive backing to attach the cabinets on either side. Plan on replacing every screw in the hinges and drawer faces. Also after 9 month the wood had shrunk and gaps started appearing at factory joints.

More then half the soft closers had to be replaced due to failures. I would not recommend to anyone.


I can't agree with you more! I worked for Mid Contient.

I use to own my own business building cabinets and after I had to close, I went to work for them. I can tell you 100% of the doors are made from China and shipped here. They use cheap plywood and do not train their employees how to use the machines. They buy old or used equipment that breaks down constantly.

The employees are so disgruntled that quality doesn't matter anymore so it doesn't surprise me you have issues. They crank out 900 cabinets a day and not one person cares about quality because they work their employees to death.

I wouldn't buy from this company because poor quality, the sales reps might be nice but most are full of ***. They are selling you low quality, poor staining, and poor finishing cabinets.

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